How to Buy Movie Tickets online – PVR Cinemas

Many of us still do not know that the movie tickets can be brought online. Its really easy and fast. You do not have to stand in long queues anymore. You can get tickets with a few clicks on your computers mouse itself. All you need is a credit card and Internet connection.

Buying Movie Tickets Online from PVR Cinemas Website
PVR Cinemas in India has done a great job by making their online ticketing easy and fast. You can now book your tickets for the busiest Friday from your home, without going there and standing on long queues.  You will be allotted the seat numbers before making the payment. If you are not happy with the seat position, you can ignore booking and select another date or movie. This may not be possible in the box office always. All this online booking can be done from your mobile or from your computer at home or office. After successful payment, you will be given a Transaction number and Seat number(s).

If it is a show on Friday at 6 pm, you have to reach there “just on time” itself. You allotted seat will be vacant for you. Print the movie ticket at the Kiosk near Box office. Just press “Pick Ticket” on the kiosk screen and slide your credit card (Same card which you have used to buy the ticket).  The ticket gets printed immediately. It takes less than 2 minutes for all these. Here you are not wasting your time standing on the queue and not knowing whether you get the best seat or not.

We can expect more multiplexes & other cinema halls moving in this way of online booking in India. The business will get improved drastically, when people find it more easy to buy tickets online and plan for their weekend entertainment.
The Entertainment Industry in India is going to gain more due to online business. Movie Tickets, Music concerts and many more will gain from it.
The people who benefit the most by this are the consumers. We can now compare prices in a flash of different locations, find great seats that used to be only for people who knew someone.
We will have plenty of choices.

Like other online business, internet has a great affect on the entertainment ticketing industry. Makes it easier than before for anyone to buy movie or concert tickets. You do not have to go to the box office and buy it. You may have to pay a small convenience charge extra for online ticket. But its still cheaper than you going there twice.
In India event ticketing haven’t been online in full swing. In US, UK and other developed nations you can get Sports tickets, Music concert tickets, racing tickets and many more online.